Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by a change of, or an end in a familiar pattern of behaviour.

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Are you tired of being in a state of loss or extreme emotion? Are the people in your life constantly telling you to stop crying, or saying, I know how you feel? Are you in need of an outlet where for the first time ever, you can finally let it all out and just be yourself in a safe and secure environment? I can help you get to that place where finally releasing it all is a possibility free of judgement, criticism, analysis or opinions.

There are several pages on this website which will help give you an idea of just how I can help you identify what you are feeling no matter what type of grief you are experiencing. In as little as 7 weeks you will have a better understanding & a new sense of self by taking this educational course with me. I am available by phone, email or facebook with a simple click at the bottom of each page of my website. So why wait any longer? If you are ready to feel better, then I am ready to be "a heart with ears" to allow you to do just that.

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